Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week #11

Today I woke up with what felt like daggers in my throat and my voice was almost non-existent – sign of a good weekend? It’s been a fun week and I’m thoroughly knackered by the end of it. Here’s some of the highlights.

1) Getting new glasses

I picked up my new specs on Monday and I love them! I went for a much bigger style than my previous pairs, so they cover a lot more of my face. But, I’m blinder than I used to be so I figured this would be useful! I’ll admit I’ve been feeling a little self-conscious that they’re too big for my face, but I’ve received many a compliment about them which has reassured me. They’re also, believe it or not, Kylie Minogue glasses and came with a glittery gold case – I’d expect no less from Miss Minogue!

2) Exercising again

I’ve been pretty much unable to do any form of exercise with my ankle injury and I feel like a house end! So, I mustered up the courage and headed back to the gym on Monday night (strictly avoiding the treadmill). I managed half an hour on the bike and did some weights, but I think I may have jumped the gun a little. I woke up in quite a lot of pain on Tuesday morning, so I’m definitely not at the gym-going stage again just yet. Instead, I’ve been trying to walk home from work again which has been so nice, especially because the weather is getting better.

3) Winning a Fitbit

One of the perks of my work is monthly rewards. This time, I was voted ‘People’s Choice’ and was given the option of a £100 voucher or a spin of the prize wheel. I gambled and spun the wheel to win a Fitbit! I feel like I’m one of the only people who doesn’t have one of these, so I’m excited to get one. I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to get back into a good exercise routine and help me lose some of the weight I’ve put on recently.

4) Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day

Paddy's Day celebrations

My work organised some Paddy’s Day celebrations on Friday with a quiz and beer pong. We had shots of Bailey’s and Pimms throughout the night (cause we’re classy like that) and things got a little bit messy. We ended the night by playing Cards Against Humanity, which is always hysterical. I got so drunk that I fell asleep holding a cup of tea and woke up completely drenched! Luckily, it wasn’t hot but my bed now has a lovely tea stain on it…

5) Super Saturday

Like last week, I ventured to the pub on Saturday to watch the rugby. This time we were there early enough to bag decent seats and stayed there to watch all three games. It was great fun, despite the pub changing the Wales game over before the end and almost starting a riot! We ended up in Banshee’s Labyrinth for the rest of the night and danced with some strangers to Toto’s “Africa” – how every Saturday night should end, to be honest.



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